The Full Service (1 hour 45 mins)


Shampoo and haircut, luxury wet shave, signature facial.

The Gentry Finish (1 hour 15 mins)


"New Style, Same Class". Start the New Year looking and feeling your sharpest. Includes A Restyle Haircut and Signature Facial.


The Restyle Haircut (1 hour)



Slightly more in-depth than the standard shampoo and haircut, this is really appropriate if you are thinking of making a more drastic change in hairstyle. Even if you don't have a particular look in mind, our expertly trained barbers will be able to advise you as to which styles and lengths will best suit your face shape, hair colour, thickness and condition. Pricing: Barber £55, Senior Barber £62, Head Barber £68.

The Haircut (45 mins)



Includes a consultation, shampoo and haircut with one of our expert barbers. Finished with a blow-dry and style. Pricing: Barber £45, Senior Barber £50, Head Barber £56.

The Back & Sides (30 mins)



A quick tidy-up between full haircuts including a light trim of the sides and back of neck with styled finish. We ask clients to not arrive with product in their hair. Pricing: Barber £36, Senior Barber £38, Head Barber £40.

The Style & Go (15 mins)


Shampoo, blow dry and style treatment.

The Traditional Head Shave (45 mins)


All over wet shave of the head.

The One Grade (15 mins)


Electric cliper, wash and finish.


The Wet Shave (1 hour)


Hot towel, cut throat shave, facial.

The How to Shave Tutorial (1 hour 30 mins)


While enjoying The Wet Shave first hand, further receive a tutorial on the art of traditional wet shaving from your expert Murdock barber, with a personal consultation on the best methods and products for your shaving regime at home.


The Moustache Trim (15 mins)


Tidy up and styling.

The Quick Beard Trim (15 mins)


A trim, tidy up and beard moisturising

The Beard Reshape (30 mins)


Dry cut with clipper and scissors, shaping and moisturising treatment.

The Full Beard Shaping (45 mins)


Dry cut with clipper and scissors, shaping and moisturising treatment, plus cut throat and hot towel.


The Facial (30 mins)


Cleanses, tones and hydrates.

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