The Best Products For A Slick Hairstyle

The Best Products For A Slick Hairstyle

The classic, slicked back look is a simple but effective hairstyle sported by many a stylish gentleman. The slicked back is a classic and can hold just the right amount of sophistication and style, without looking too done. However, whilst it may look effortless, getting the slicked back style to stay, well, slicked back, requires good quality product and practice. Here’s what the Murdock London barbers recommend…


Slicking back hair is all well and good but getting it to stay there is a whole different kettle of fish. Using a good quality pomade on damp hair is a great way of getting hair to stay in place whilst giving that classic slick, vintage finish still sought after by today’s modern gent. Many a London barber swear by the powers of the Vintage Pomade, mainly for its water-soluble properties, meaning it’s as easy to wash out as it is to comb in. An essential for a slicked back look of any style.

Sea Salt Spray

An essential creator of texture, Sea Salt Spray is for those that want a slicked back look that isn’t so, slick. Combing hair completely off the face can allow your complexion to appear more chiselled, accentuating the jawline and drawing attention to the eyes and cheekbones. So, whilst you may want to push hair back, you may not be after that traditional, wet-look Danny Zuko finish. A Sea Salt Spray is the perfect way to achieve that circa 2010’s Beckham-inspired slicked-back pompadour, with just the right amount of texture. To achieve: blow dry your hair backwards and brush through after adding in the Sea Salt Spray. The coarseness of the salt creates natural volume and texture and is perfect for a more defined look.

Matt Mud

This is perfect for those that dare to sport the slicked back undercut. This particular kind of style requires a super short buzz cut underneath and around 4-6 inches to play with on top. When done well, this style oozes suave sophistication and effortless cool, but naturally, this aesthetic takes quite a bit of maintenance. Getting the longer hair to hold on top can be a challenge, but with a strong hold provided by products such as Murdock’s Matt Mud, you should be able to keep your style all day long. The non-shine shaping clay gives a strong, matt hold, using vitamin E to keep hair nourished, whilst also firmly sat in place.

Shampoo and Conditioner

A decent shampoo and conditioner set is essential for hair that is inundated with product the majority of the time. Whilst great quality styling products can help to achieve the perfect look, applying these to hair daily can dry it out and even cause damage if the hair isn’t washed and conditioned. To keep hair voluminous and healthy whilst styling it however you like, wash using a sulphate-free formula that will not only keep hair soft and hydrated but will protect the scalp and follicles from chemical-based products. Lock down those luscious locks.


Whether you love to whip out a comb and slick back your hair in public or want to discreetly tame your mane in the privacy of your bathroom, there’s no underestimating the level of slicked back style that can be achieved with a decent comb. Everyone that says that dogs are a man’s best friend, clearly didn’t have a slicked back hairstyle in need of a good comb. From foldable combs to fit in your shirt pocket, to those with leather cases convenient for travel, invest in this handy hair tool and treasure it like your long-lost best mate.

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