The Buzz Cut

The Buzz Cut

The Buzz Cut can be a topic of real internal contention. Will a buzzcut work for me? Will it accentuate my receding hairline? Should I go for a buzzcut fade? Is it a hairstyle for thin hair? The Buzz cut is ever-present in men's style so below we tell you all you need to know about this popular men's hairstyle.

The Long & Short of it.

Levi's 501's, Loafers, Baseball Caps; all seminal pieces in men's style, they arrived and never left. The buzz cut belongs on this list. As we reflect back on past fads and trends it's hard to miss those that left with as much haste as they arrived; skinny jeans, mohawks, neon t-shirts ... the list goes on. Here at Murdock we prefer to put our stock in permanence, in style, not fashion. Style stays stylish, what's fashionable, fluctuates. The buzz cut, when executed perfectly, transcends fashion. 

The Brass Tacks.

 For the avoidance of doubt, here's what a buzz cut is. 

 "A buzz cut is a short, sharp haircut utilising clippers all over for a no fuss, edgy look. From as short as a "skinhead" to an 8 on top with a fade, it can actually be really versatile. A top option for spring/summer time." Soho store manager, Ben Vowles.

The Options.

One grade all over - does what it says on the tin. Take your favorite grade, we'd suggest 4 and below, and shave the lot - this is a typical military style. 

Buzz cut Fade - A skin/low grade back and sides, faded into a longer grade on top. This style pairs strongly with a beard. This is a style that's particularly popular at the moment. 

Graduated Buzz cut - Like the above but a softer graduation on the sides. This is a timeless look and one we'd recommend over the one grade all over. It's smart, uniform and less harsh.

The Skinhead - In essence this is the same as the one grade, however we're talking the full job here, a zero all over - a dramatic look worthy of it's own sub-heading. Think Channing Tatum and 00's David Beckham. A great option if your hair is reaching the end of its journey. 

Variations - We've already mentioned the beard and buzz combo, this is great if you're losing what's on top, totally masculine, if it's good enough for Pep Guardiola and Jason Statham, it's good enough for you. Bleached blonde buzz cut, this does what it says on the tin, bleach your hair then ask for a skin fade buzz cut, the contrast in colours is awesome. 

Will it Suit Me?

It's important to note that we can't adjust the appearance of certain facial proportions with a buzz cut as well as we can with longer styles, there's simply not enough hair to work with for this. However, this is a style that can work for a multitude of face shapes, so no matter your face shape - we can make it work. How we chose to balance the cut is where the differences come into play.

If you're a square face shape you should avoid aggressive contrast, go for a more graduated look. This will complement the angular features.

If you've a round face shape you'll want to steer in the opposite direction to the above, create a more angular look by having a tight skin fade - add a sharp beard that's longer through the chin to create a more angular appearance. 

A diamond face shape is going to work. Full stop. The proportions of this face shape suit the buzz cut perfectly, lucky you. 

The final word on this: a buzz cut is a revealing haircut there's no getting around that so it should be approached with that in mind

Good for Thin or Thick Hair?

We love this question on account of it's answer; Both! It's good for thick hair, thin hair and everything in between. The main consideration when it comes to buzz cuts, as highlighted above, is your head and face shape.

When it comes down to hairlines, of course a buzz cut is going to show precisely what you have, there's no hiding from that. That being said, if you've a hairline like the chap writing this piece, you need not fret. We're firm believers here of owning what you have, not hiding it. The buzz cut is effortlessly cool, it's devil-may-care and it's nonchalant. Owning your hairline, hair thickness and head shape all support the look the buzz cut provides so please, we beg you, don't let these factors dissuade you from this hairstyle.

Our Buzzcut Heroes.

Travis Kelce, the multiple Super Bowl winning NFL star Tight End is a prime example of a Buzz Cut hero. A skin-fade blending into what we estimate as a 2 on top, paired with a beard, textbook. We know it's good, so does Taylor Swift apparently ... 

Nick Frost. What a King! One grade all over, he doesn't give a F**k - we do. *chefs kiss*

Chris Williamson. The host of the Modern Wisdom podcast really executes the nonchalant nature of the buzz cut, the cut isn't as dramatic as the above looks, it's uniformed and subtle - a 2 on the sides up to roughly a 4 or 5 on top, the casual stubble completes the look.

Andrew Huberman. Another podcaster, the no nonsense look suits the podcast perfectly - we wanted to include this as his Hairline is more of a widows peak, he owns it - no notes.


This style is celebrated for it's low maintenance, so when it comes to styling, it's easy. Shampoo a few times a week and occasionally condition, if you're hair is getting thinner, use our Black Tea Strengthening shampoo, trust us. - if you're a 2 grade or below that's all you'll need. If you're a touch longer on top we recommend a small amount of either our Texture Paste or Matt Mud to create a subtle texture and movement. 

Barber upkeep varies, if you're having a fade - a touch up every 2 to 3 weeks will keep you on point. If you're a one grade all over, stop in once a month or so, your barber will clean your edges and keep you neat - in the interim you can absolutely stay on top of the length at home, but please don't neglect your barber!

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