Looking for a new Razor? Introducing the Generation Razor.

Looking for a new Razor? Introducing the Generation Razor.

A clean shave shouldn't be a roll of the dice. As a barbershop first, it's our mission to provide you the closest, most comfortable shave possible. Our new Generation Razor, fitted with a Gillette Fusion 5 blade, is a smooth and sleek tool that promises the best wet shave ever, from the comfort of your own home.

As barbers and purveyors of the finest grooming range in London, we're beyond meticulous when it comes to introducing new products. So when it came to selecting a new razor, we knew we'd struck gold when we came across Bolin Webb's GQ award winning, Generation Razor.  With such high quality design and precision engineering, we knew these guys were speaking our language and a collaboration was born.

This is a tool we're absolutely confident will provide you with as close to a barbershop shave as humanly possible from the comfort of your own bathroom, it wouldn't be here otherwise.

Want the ultimate shave experience? Team this with our pre shave oil, shaving cream & post shave balm for a barbershop standard shave at home.

To shop the Generation Razor and learn more about it's spec click here.

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