The Moustache

The Moustache

It comes, it goes, but it never truly leaves. The moustache's place in men's style has always been a provocative subject, one things for sure, it's a bold, unmistakable style. In its most recent renaissance we've seen the tache coming back in many different styles, from the moustache and beard combo to the clean, strong classic. In this post we hope you'll leave with an acute understanding of the many styles, how they look and what to ask your barber for.

Types of Moustache.

The Classic.


The classic Moustache is a look that will always be synonymous with men's style. Over the decades Moustache adorning gents have graced our stages, screens and streets and whether they're greeted with reverence, or indifference, there's always a level of respect there. To achieve this look you'll need to let it grow, moustaches take a while to become full, assure you trim just above the lip following to the creases of the mouth regularly. Avoid taking any weight out. A strong classic moustache is of equal length, check the images above for reference. As for the rest of the face, shave it clean. Simple.

The beard tache.

This is arguably to most popular and versatile option on this list. If you're new to the style this is a perfect way to dip your toe in the water. The best course of action here is to keep your beard at a shorter length and allow your moustache to grow out following the structure outlined above. Naturally it's more subtle than the other styles, but we're a huge fan of this style's rugged look.

The Moustache & Goatee.

Certainly a combo worthy of a movie star, this is a great look for someone who's trying to add a little more length to their face by using the goatee to extend the chin. To achieve this look you'll want to keep the facial hair around your cheeks super short and follow the jaw line to shape the goatee into a subtle point. As for the tache, we recommend you don't allow it to fall below the creases of your mouth, by trimming this bit down you'll keep separation between the tache and the goatee, without doing this you'd end up with a fully connected goatee which is a different look entirely. 

The Pencil Thin.

The pencil thin tache is exactly that. It's short, well groomed and when done well, extremely stylish. We're not talking about the old school styles from a bygone era, we're talking modern, where the moustache is a little more subtly groomed as opposed to the sharp styles from the 20's. This style works well for gents who don't have the thickest of beards, particularly if you struggle for growth around the cheeks. Keep the moustache at a medium, clipped length whilst assuring everything else is shaved clean. You'll need to detail around the tache assuring the hairs are trimmed above the lip and the mouth creases. 

The handlebar / Horseshoe.

These are two different styles, the handlebar curls at the edges to create the signature handlebar appearance. For this style you need patience and products - some moustache wax will hold the curls in shape. Over time the beard hairs will naturally grow within this shape but you'll always require some product. The horseshoe follows the mouth all the way down to the chin - not for the faint of heart, this is a strong look. 

The Walrus.

Perhaps not the most charming of names, but it certainly does the trick in depicting the style. This style requires plenty of care, this is a thick, fully grown out style that sits over the top lip - you'll need to trim this regularly to avoid trouble. 

General grooming & care.

"The care is simple, trim the rogue hairs that stick out or try to get in your mouth and use your trimmers/shaver to keep the shape in check. Other than that it will look after itself, after all you want it to be as full as possible. If you're wanting it a little neater like a sailor in the Jean Paul Gaultier ads, then you could set your trimmers on a longer length and work downward with the grain, working down the length until you're happy" - Soho master barber, Ben Vowles. 


When it comes to products, not much is required, that being said assuring you've taken the correct steps in terms of care, will make a world of difference. Being that a moustahce is so close to the mouth, first and foremost you'll want to keep it clean - our beard shampoo used daily will do the trick. Once cleaned, it'll need to be moisturised, you can of course use our best-selling beard moisturiser here. However by using a small amount of our beard balm you'll be killing two birds with one stone, you'll nourish your beard and skin underneath on account of the essential oils whilst holding your moustache in shape with its medium hold.

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