The Taper Fade

The Taper Fade

The taper fade, a style that's popularity is on as sharp a rise as we've seen in a long while here at Murdock London. The taper fade's versatility likely plays a significant role in this spike, low taper fades, taper mullets, curly hair taper (think Jack Harlow or Tom Grennan) and high or mid tapers - it can really set a standard haircut apart from the rest. That being said there are some key questions that need answering if you're thinking of trying out this style, luckily, we've got you. 

What's the difference between a taper fade and a standard fade?

"A taper fade is a great option for someone who wants a clean look without committing to a full fade. As it only takes the nape and the sideburn/temple area to skin it's much less aggressive." - Ben Vowles, Soho Master Barber.

What should I be asking my barber for?

"Just ask for a taper and your Barber will help you decide the length you want on the sides and back above that area. It suits everyone and it adds that little extra freshness to a more classic short back and sides" - Ben Vowles, Soho Master Barber.


The classic taper fade.

This is as classic an example of a taper fade haircut as you'll see, done by Covent Garden's senior barber Billy. Here you can keep the length through the top, back and sides while tapering in the hair from the nape and temples, the result is a sharp, clean look. The high shine finish seen here is with help from our vintage pomade.

The mullet taper fade.

See this example from Soho barber Anni, notice how the taper remains low and just at the temples. The effect is a really premium, and offers a nice transition between the length through the back. This is styled with a natural finish using our sea salt spray and a touch of hair play.

The curly taper fade.

A super popular cut at the moment is the curly taper fade. Most famously rocked by the likes of Jack Harlow and Tom Grennan, if you've got wavier hair that you're keen to flaunt this cut is a great option. With this cut you can maintain your curls but neaten the edges, the result speaks for itself. Both of these cuts was executed in Shoreditch by Alex (l) & Enrico (r). Finished with our textured hair range for enhance curls and moisturise. 

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