The Tour De France

The Tour De France

The Event

The Tour de France is a three week bicycle race covering 3,351km, it is made up of 22 teams with a total of 176 riders. This year's race is the 105th edition of the race and it is the third biggest sporting event in the world (behind the Olympics and World Cup).

Who's Favourite To Win?

Chris Froome is still the favourite despite being a controversial figure of late. Nairo Quintana has played second fiddle to Froome and would hope that the hostile fans that Froome will encounter will provide enough of a distraction to use to his advantage. Dutch rider Tom Dumoulin is another outside favourite along with Romain Bardet and British rider Simon Yates who is in fantastic form this year.

Bonus Pub Trivia To Impress Your Mates With

This year will most likely be Mark Cavendish's last TDF so expect him to take one of the stage wins. Stage 9 will be one of the highlights as it incorporates another annual race over cobbled roads - it is brutal and great fun to watch! Stage 12 will be very important for the favourites and it also finishes at the top of one of the most iconic mountain roads in cycling, so expect lots of attacking riding throughout. The last stage into Paris is more of a tradition than anything else, but the backdrop is fantastic and it could be a good opportunity for Mark Cavendish to take a bow in style.

The Style

As all 176 riders spend most of their lives wearing helmets, we can best pick out our favourite beard style icon. In a sport where aerodynamics play a major part, we have a surprising number of hipster and grizzly style beards! The go-to beard has to be Simon Geschke, and as a former stage winner we can only presume that his beard has been cut to an aero advantage. Or he simply pedals faster than his rivals...

Top Tips On Getting In To Cycling

For me, the beauty of cycling is that anyone can do it anywhere and pretty much anytime. It keeps you fit without thinking about it and as a form of transport it is relatively free! I enjoy cycling in cities just as much as the countryside or a difficult day riding up an alpine road, so whether it's an evening down to the pub, a route to work or a 450km cycling trip from London to Amsterdam (as I recently completed), just get out there and enjoy a pastime that is over 200 years old.

Watch With Us

Come down to our Soho store to watch the race, which will be shown daily. During your visit we would be glad to advise on the best style and products for your hair and beard, whether you're looking to survive harsh downhill winds or simply conquer static helmet hair. Allez Allez allez!
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