"To The Best Of Times."

This year at Murdock, we looked back to our brand heritage built on barbering in Victorian London. Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol expresses that period and this holiday season perfectly. And so this winter we celebrate the Dickensian spirit of the British Christmas and respectfully nod to Dickens’ most brilliant works, characters and quotes with our new gifting collection.

“The moustaches are glorious, glorious. I have cut them short, and trimmed them a little at the ends to improve their shape. They are charming, charming. Without them, life would be a blank.” - Charles Dickens

These could be the enthusiastic words of a modern day, style conscious Londoner returning from a trip to the barbershop, but they were in fact written some 174 years ago by Charles Dickens. Considered the greatest novelist of the Victorian era, he was very much a man of his time. As the nineteenth century progressed, so too did gentlemens' invigorated interest in facial hair. Whether Dickens helped to create this Victorian beard craze or was simply a keen participant is up for a debate. But he is undoubtedly credited with another Victorian resurgence, the outcome of which is very much evident to this day… In 1843 he released A Christmas Carol.

Our brand new gifts, inspired by the iconic author's works are presented in premium high-gloss drawer boxes and covetable tweed-inspired travel bags, handsomely decorated in a red, white and blue livery with luxurious accents of vintage gold leaf print. The collection has been carefully curated to be useful and thoughtful, keenly priced to suit every gift giver’s pocket.


Four gifts built around our very favourite, best-selling products, with an option to suit every gentleman. Including Bailey: A veritable declaration of a gentleman’s right to shun the razor, Avenger: Nothing freshens up a man so much as an easy shave, Artful: “Please sir, I want more for my hair!” and Curiosity: Gentlemen, rascals, scoundrels. All men were born equal. Some just smell better than others.


Three sets curated to care for the needs of the modern man. Including Brownlow: Whatever his trade, a gentleman’s beard should be glorious and charming, Nickleby: Black Tea is the elegant traveller - Subtle. Smooth. Exotic and Jacob: Shaving is not an easy task, it requires attention.


Two cleverly curated kits with carry-on friendly grooming essentials. Stored in a well-designed travel bag that’s ready to leave when he is. Including Great Bearded Expectations: Great men are seldom over scrupulous in the arrangement of their beard and A Gentleman Of Two Cities: Every traveller has a home of his own, and he learns to appreciate it even more from his wandering.


 You can also find inspired, limited edition Gentlemen’s curiosities to solve every gift-giving dilemma, available across our barbershops and online now.


This year we have also created three bespoke Corporate Gifting packages, curated by our expert barbers to be useful and thoughtful for employees, friends and colleagues at this time of year. Order a minimum of 5x sets, and earn an additional discount of 20% off RRP! Contact concierge@murdocklondon.com for more information and to place your order.

Explore our entire Christmas Gifting Collection further & shop now below

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