Top Beard Myths - Debunked

Top Beard Myths - Debunked

Ahh beards: A subject the expert Murdock barbers know all-too much about what with being at the forefront of their rise to style and social prominence in recent years. Whether you love them or hate them, long to have one or deeply resent how often you have to shave one off, beards are being talked about and showcased more so now than ever before. From alarmingly false headlines and scientific studies in the news, to red carpet appearances and designer campaigns. With seemingly so much information to absorb and adhere to when attempting to grow one yourself, we wanted to cut through the overwhelming mass of beard-based internet trivia and folklore, putting a conclusive end to the unnecessary mythology that surrounds bearded concerns...

It's a food trap

While it's completely possible to spill a croissant crumb or two onto your beard (and dare we even mention the risk of licking a yoghurt lid), the notion of everything you eat getting embarrassingly stuck in there without you noticing is totally void. The inherent risk of spilling food is a given for every man, finishing every meal suddenly resembling Mr Twit once you've got a beard is not. It's ultimately just as easy to miss your mouth without facial hair in the way and not notice. It's also just as easy for said crumb to fall immediately off a beard as it is to get stuck. In conclusion, just eat properly and always use a napkin as no one is safe from the occasional spill!

Beards are absolutely filthy

This isn't wholly untrue. Beards do collect bacteria and pollution and so ultimately should be treated as well as your skin. They don't however collect 'more poo than a toilet' as widely and irresponsibly reported a year or so ago to much controversy and anti-beard popularity across the world. In response, authentic scientific proof revealed that you can actually expect to carry as much bacteria on your skin whether it's covered in facial hair or not. So rest-assured we're all just as filthy as each other.

Shaving more frequently will help your beard grow thicker

While a sharp shave with a new razor might lead to a hastened sensation of facial hair growth afterwards, do not be fooled in to thinking that more of the same, more frequently will soon lead to a mountainous beard. Beard growth comes predominately down to natural elements - genes, age and hormones. Shaving simply leaves the thickest part of your hair exposed as this sits closest to the skin and you generally trim away the thinner part. This is why stubble will often look and feel thicker than when your facial hair starts to sprout as the thickest part of the hair has been cut blunt. This will only be further exaggerated if you happen to have a darker hair colour with fairer skin. Essentially just leave that razor well alone.

You don't need to see a barber for a good beard trim

Call us biased, but we put anybody who believes in such a statement to experience one of our signature services and not come out feeling better than he would after a DIY trim at home. We certainly advocate the use of beard tools and accessories in-between proper trims which can be handled solo, but your barber will most certainly know best when it comes to shaping and maintaining your beard.

Having a beard makes you cool

Being considered cool is no easy feat. So don't be fooled into thinking that the ability to grow a beard cuts you a pass on the personality front. Looking the part with facial hair is one thing, but with a great beard comes great responsibility. It doesn't give you a natural authority. Funnily enough, you're just as likely to be a decent chap when clean shaven. Also, what's really not cool is putting the effort in to grow a beard, to then overlook maintaining it. Rogue, straggly hairs are not cool and neither is dry, crisp facial hair that has been lazily washed through with a harsh, damaging, not-made-for-beards product. Find Out More (1)
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