Expert Guide To Beards

Expert Guide To Beards

Having followed the five essential rules to grow a beard and adjusted yourself to a regime of good facial hair upkeep, you would be forgiven for thinking that you're home and dry on the path to bearded glory. The truth is gentlemen, there's so much more that can be done to better look after your beard than you might think. Our barbers are bursting with tips and tricks to ensure that you go about your day looking your most handsome. This certainly includes sporting the mightiest mound of facial hair imaginable. It would just be cruel not to share these extra snippets of wisdom with you. So see below some of the best bonus advice for reaching superior levels of good grooming with your beard...

Joe P - Dry it right

After washing your beard, don't go in too aggressively with your towel drying technique. Instead of ruffling away, pat it down gently. You will soak in more moisture while at the same time leave your beard in a better natural shape to work with.

Alex G - Go in generously with Post Shave Balm

While not generally considered a go-to beard care product, Post Shave Balm doesn't just offer the ideal treatment to skin after the passing of a razor. If you're the kind of chap who enjoys a beard re-shape using a straight blade for defined lines, try applying balm to your facial hair as well as the skin underneath. The boost of cooling menthol is just as refreshing for your beard while it goes about reducing irritation and re-plumping the skin.

Dan G - Don't overlook the skin underneath

Treating your face to a deep exfoliation just once or twice a week will effectively rid of dead skin cells and rejuvenate your complexion. At the same time, any lingering dirt will be lifted away from your facial hair follicles - better stimulating the health (and growth) of your beard.

Ian S - Avoid Dye

While strongly advertised, easily accessible and straightforward enough to apply, on too many occasions has a beard fallen victim to the harsh ingredients of dye. Whether it has simply dried out or gone on to reflect a much stronger, artificial colour than intended. If sporting a grey beard is of concern gents, it really needn't be. They look mighty and marvellous when embraced.

Miles WS - Cut at home with nail scissors

Naturally your beard might require a bit of pruning in-between visits to your barber. Such work doesn't require the use of unforgiving clippers that are better left in the hands of said expertly trained barber however. Take things slow at home and use small scissors paired with a brush and comb to gain better control and cut more delicately at any rogue, straggly hairs. Bonus tip: Position your index finger at a desired angle to provide an ideal template for cutting along your cheek line.

Don't handle clippers/scissors when drunk

This tip really speaks for itself, however we've all on occasion had that light bulb DIY grooming moment while under the influence and being egged on by others to see how far you'll go. As just touched upon, steer away from the clippers to spare waking up to any regrettably hacked off chunks of beard.

Keep your Beard Mo in the fridge

One to remember for a hot summers' day. Just as you might with after-sun, keep your Beard Moisturiser stored in the fridge for an additional and relieving boost of cool Aloe Vera and sharp Menthol for your beard and face.

James C - Use an Afro Comb

Beards can grow to be incredibly tough and if you happen to relax on the upkeep, it can get particularly gruelling trying to comb through one. Even if your facial hair happens to just be particularly thick, a long-toothed comb is a fantastic tool to dig deep and effectively relieve knots - particularly within the tricky area underneath your chin. Got any tried and tested niche beard tips of your own to share? Tweet us @murdocklondon
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