Booking & Service FAQs


I'm having trouble trying to log in to book an appointment

              If you are a new Murdock client, please follow this link: and proceed to create an account.

I already have an account but can’t seem to log in?


There are several steps to take in order to re-activate your account with our new system. Once completed, you will be up and running again as usual:

Begin at, click create an account and enter your current email address under the 'create a login' link. If it is registered then your name should appear and you will need to click 'enter a new password'. Create a new one and you will then be emailed an access code. Continue with this code and you should now be set up.

If your email isn't recognised, then please continue through the rest of the form.


How far in advance do I need to book?


If you have a specific date and time in mind, or are looking to book on behalf of several people coming in at the same time, then at least a week’s notice is highly recommended to avoid disappointment.

Our full service appointments ideally require a similar period of advanced notice.

For haircuts, several days in advance is highly recommended, however if you call 020 3393 7946 on the day, we may still be able to see you.


I’m a new client and looking to go in a fresh direction with my hair, which service should I look to book?


We highly recommend that clients looking to take a new direction with their hair book in for a Restyle Shampoo and Haircut. This is an hour-long appointment that provides enough opportunity to sit, relax and really get to know your barber to discuss ideas and begin to build a relationship.


How long are gift certificates valid for?


All of our gift certificates are valid for 6 months. Expired vouchers may still be accepted at a barber’s discretion if there is significant justification.


I have made an appointment but can’t find it in my account to amend?


In order to amend an appointment, please call us on 020 3393 7946 or contact [email protected]



If you have any further enquiries, please contact [email protected]