The Return Of The Pencil Moustache

The Return Of The Pencil Moustache

Whilst a thick, shaggy beard is the prerogative of many a modern man, nowadays, many of those that do have the ability to grow longer facial hair are choosing to adhere to a slightly slicker aesthetic when grooming. If you’re not the type to opt for totally clean shaven, then the return of the classic pencil moustache, a neatly groomed line on the upper lip, could be a beard style to consider. The pencil has all of the ‘clean’ and ‘tidy’ connotations of a totally clean-shaven face but with a little added quirk, bringing a touch of individual style to your overall look. The time to make a statement is now.

How to make the switch

Once referred to as the ‘porntache’, the pencil moustache is less sleazy conman and more confident trendsetter as it appears often on the faces of stylish and fashion forward folk outside catwalk shows, standing out and even arguably replacing the popularity of the thick and full beards on show. Feeling inclined to go super trim yourself? If you’re not visiting a skilled barber to do it for you…here’s a few steps to follow to ensure the job is done properly.
  1. Start by lathering up with a Traditional Shaving Soap and shaving off any existing beard around the chin and sideburns area – this will make your moustache more prominent, giving you a really strong style.
  2. With the edge of your beard trimmer, define your moustache by slowly chiselling off each end, checking for symmetry as you go. Ideally, the moustache should go just beyond the corners of your mouth in a fairly long, thin line.

Styling it out

Now that your face furniture is well and truly up to date, it’s time to style and maintain that pencil style moustache. Whilst a small amount of hair on the upper lip may seem like a fairly low maintenance affair, wearing a slightly bolder style can take some confidence; it’s front and centre after all! Ensure that you take the time to maintain the sculpted look of your pencil line by shaving any stray hairs that may begin to appear around the edges, or on the chin. The rate at which these will grow will depend entirely on your own hair but keeping on top of stray hairs and patches of stubble is a great way of ensuring that your moustache and overall style remains sleek, stylish and well-groomed.


To maintain the clean cut, sculpted lines of a pencil moustache, almost daily shaving will be required. This can take its toll on the skin beneath the hair, which, when exposed to frequent shaving, can become sore, red and yep you guessed it, unbearably itchy. However, skin irritation caused by shaving can be prevented with the use of Post Shave Balm after every shave. Beard Oils and Moisturisers will also not only keep your moustache looking smooth and silky (goals) but also moisturise the skin in the facial hair area so that it doesn’t become dry and, therefore, painful. Plus – we’re going to guess blotchy red skin wasn’t quite what you had in mind when you styled out a pencil moustache in an attempt to channel your inner super suave man about town.

Your day to day look

Gracing the upper lip of the iconic visual artist John Waters, there’s no denying that even in the 70’s, the pencil moustache was an expression of rebellious individualism that has quietly but confidently made its way through to modern day. Whilst Waters’ thin line of hair was maybe a little too Avant Garde for most, adaptations are being considered by trendsetting gentlemen looking to make a statement. However, once you’ve trimmed in the pencil moustache the next step is to resonate its statement look throughout your personal style.

Alternative styles to try

If you like the look of the pencil moustache but aren’t brave enough to go full minimal, there are variations of the trend that might be better suited to your own personal taste and preferences. The anchor beard style takes the signature pencil shape and pairs it with a small goatee style beard. Still sculpted and tidy, but with a little more to work with, this anchor shaped design is definitely one to try for those looking to lead the way in creative beard fashion.

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