Getting Royal Wedding Ready

Getting Royal Wedding Ready

The Royal Wedding is just around the corner (19th May) and we’re expecting a suitably elaborate affair. The press is already brimming with theories as to what the beautiful Meghan Markle will be wearing for her big day, and – in line with British tradition – we’re expecting Prince Harry to opt for a Military uniform or classic Morning Dress. But what about the elusive guest list? What styles and looks can we expect to see at the Royal Wedding? Our expert Murdock London barbers have put together their top tips to getting Royal Wedding ready for the modern, style-conscious man.

Treat The Beard

Like most men, Prince Harry has experienced good days and bad days with his beard. Now that his Royal Highness is renowned for his facial hair, he'll need to make sure it's in perfect, non-itchy, non-straggly condition for the big day. With a fresh trim in advance, he'll have the foundations of greatness to build on. He will then see his facial hair truly refined and photo-ready with a generous application of Beard Moisturiser. Our lightweight formula is quickly absorbed to transform dry, brittle, uncomfortable facial hair and look after the skin underneath it. Murdock’s Tip: "Use daily to keep your beard in best condition. If you beard gets really dry, maybe after a sunny holiday or when the weather is freezing, pimp the Beard Mo up by blending in one pump of Beard Oil."

Shave Well

Though beards might be in fashion at the moment, occasions such as the Royal Wedding certainly call for a clean shave. We don’t know yet whether Harry will keep his beard for the big day, though we do know that the Queen has urged him to get rid of it. But for guests, a clean shave is essential. Retaining the traditions of wet shaving in Victorian Barber shops in London, at Murdock, we’ve carefully chosen ingredients in our shaving supplies that soothe, nourish and replenish the skin. For a confident wet shave every time, massage our luxurious Shaving Cream generously in a firm circular motion into wet facial hair before shaving. Murdock’s Tip: "For the closest shave, apply with a brush to make a thicker lather to better cushion your face."

Boost Hair Volume & Texture

Our barbers' first step for good style, and it should be Harry's too on the morning of the wedding. Sea Salt Spray boosts texture and volume to new levels on wet or dry hair, helping to craft desired, creative styles without fear of a bad hair day when it matters most. Murdock’s Tip: "Apply to dry hair then cold blast it with your hairdryer for immediate texture."

Smell Good

As well as looking good, it’s essential that Royal Wedding guests smell good too - and what better choice than a delightfully British scent? Murdock’s Black Tea Cologne is an evocative, masculine blend of spices, leather and tobacco, inspired by Britain’s historic spice and tea routes. Satisfyingly rich in scent, without overpowering the senses. Murdock’s Tip: "Less is more upon application. Remember that even when you can no longer smell your cologne, everybody else still can."

Look Great

Finally, the pièce de résistance of any Royal Wedding look; the suit. Traditionally, guests will be expected to wear full Morning Dress or their appropriate uniform - at Prince William’s wedding to the stunning Kate Middleton, the dress code was specified as “Uniform, Morning Coat, or Lounge Suit.” So, what does Morning Dress comprise of? Usually, at a British wedding, you can expect: - A black or grey morning coat, single-breasted with peaked lapels, curved front edges sloping back into tails. - Grey or grey and black-striped trousers. - A white shirt with a white turned-down collar, double-cuffs and cufflinks. - A double or single-breasted waistcoat. - A smart woven silk tie. - Polished black lace-up shoes. Murdock’s Tip: "A pocket square should be worn in the left breast pocket with an understated buttonhole."
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