How To Gracefully Embrace Ageing

How To Gracefully Embrace Ageing

Senior Barber Dan Glass acknowledges that while, unfortunately, there’s no escaping the natural ageing process, when it comes to your hair and skin, there are some nifty ways that every man can minimise its impact...

The best haircuts for those with hair that's breaking up with them

As a general rule, if you're starting to lose your hair, pick a new style that accentuates what you still have and not what you’ve lost. For example, if you suffer from male pattern baldness (a bald spot or thinning crown) try not to draw attention to it with a combover or a style that needs a strong silhouette to complete the look. Instead, keep the crown and back third of your hair short and sharp but maximise the front with either a clean executive side parting (think Mad Men) or a more youthful textured cut styled as naturally as possible.

In contrast, if you have a receding hairline or a very strong widows peak like myself, don’t make it glaringly obvious by styling your hair backwards. A slick back or pompadour will only overemphasis a weak hairline. Instead, do the opposite and wear the hair forwards. Try incorporating a fringe into your new style with either a longer, more relaxed Mod/Casuals cut (think Brit Pop and Madchester) or a super sharp 90s crop with a box fringe. Both styles are bang on trend and a lot more complimentary when your hairline has seen better days.

Be honest with yourself, if your hair’s gone past the point of no return, do the right thing and brave the shave! Trust me, getting a buzzcut might feel a little rash but once you’ve gotten over the shock, you’ll look and feel a million times better for it. Drop in for a one grade and start by asking your barber for a #2 all over, then slowly decrease the grade as you see fit.

If shaving your head feels a little too radical, compromise with a classic crew cut. You should ask your barber to fade down the sides of hair to your preferred length under a Grade 3 but cut the top with scissors to 3/4 to an inch in length. There’s a reason a short back and sides remains an absolute staple hairstyle. But if you want something a little less sensible and a little more modern, go for the Thor Ragnarok look by adding extra texture and roughness to the top.

If you do have thinning hair, try boosting its natural volume and thickness with our Sea Salt Spray. Spray 2-3 pumps into damp hair for instant volume with a natural matte finish.

A quick note on beards

As a general rule facial hair will age you. To avoid looking a little too much ZZ Top or Father Christmas, make sure to pop in for a quick beard trim every 4-6 weeks. Taming your facial fur on the regular will not only keep your beard on point but also avoid everyone assuming you're ten years older than you actually are.

One last point on hair

If you start to go grey earlier than expected (as I did!), whatever you do, don’t dye your hair. A few specks of grey hair or a nice balance of salt and pepper is a natural and attractive part of the ageing process; transforming your hair into an oil slick is not. In fact, I’d go as far to add that keeping natural provides a more youthful look rather than accidentally picking the wrong shade or tone of hair dye.


Apart from your hair, the most visible effect of the ageing process is on your skin. Now there’s nothing wrong with getting old gracefully, I’m not going to start advocating cosmetic procedures. However, by adopting a simple skincare routine you can soon avoid people politely offering you their seat on public transport.

To get clearer, younger looking skin, start by booking yourself in for our signature facial at Murdock London. Why? A) There’s never any harm in letting a trained professional start the process of improving the condition and adding a dash of youthful vigour to your skin. And B) it’s a massively underrated, incredibly relaxing experience that’ll make you want to book in for one more regularly and destress. To maintain healthier, younger looking skin I’d personally recommend having an in-store facial at least every 1-3 months.

Keeping your skin in peak condition

In-between which, to keep your skin in peak condition, I’d recommend the following simple, hassle-free facial regime at home. Firstly, begin by cleansing the skin every day (twice a day if possible) using our Face Wash. It sounds obvious but washing your face properly will help clear out the dirt, grime and excess that’s settled on your skin. Also, the cleaner your skin, the more effective other products will be.

Secondly, exfoliate the skin twice a week with our Face Scrub. The Pumice Sand will help remove any dead skin cells, clear your pores and minimise those fine lines and wrinkles that come with age. Exfoliating regularly will improve your complexion and, if you have a beard, encourage your facial fur to grow outwards not inwards.

Finally, remember to moisturise on a daily basis. After you’ve cleaned and scrubbed, use our Face Moisturiser to hydrate, reenergise and firm up your skin. Not only will moisturising provide vital vitamins and nutrients to the skin, it’ll also act as a barrier to the rough and tumble of daily life.

By following this simple, three-step regime (cleanse, scrub, moisturise) you’ll not only get cleaner, healthier skin, but also be sure to keep Old Father Time at bay!

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