Hi, my name’s Dan and I’m in my second year at Murdock London.

In fact, it wasn’t long ago I was just a regular client like you. Miles, our Head Barber at Monmouth Street, has been my barber for nearly six years. Having spent the majority of my career in digital marketing, I realised an office job just wasn’t for me. And, after chatting about a proposed career change, it was Miles who suggested that barbering would suit me right down to the T. Working as a barber involves craftsmanship, creativity and the occasional confessional. And I love it!

When it comes to haircuts, I’m all about the old school classics (think pompadours, slickbacks, executive contours) as well as razor fades and hot towel shaves. Throw in trimming a big, beautiful beard and my day is made.

Outside the barbershop, you’ll find me exploring galleries and gardens around the city, supporting my beloved Arsenal or more likely, getting a new tattoo! I’m also a keen amateur photographer so I apologise now if you’re cajoled into modelling for my Instagram.

Fun Facts

On average, I drop 5 items a day

My Murdock Man diet consists of 3 cans of coke, 5 coffees and 20 cigarettes a shift

I have 2 barber themed tattoos

I’ve had 11 different hairstyles since joining the company

1,248 haircuts, 604 beard trims, 81 shaves in my first year here

1 charity shave

400+ Instagram posts and counting…

Dan on Miles

Miles is the Vito Corleone of Monmouth Street. As Head Barber, his cuts, razor fades, and request rates are unrivalled! In fact, it was Miles who inspired me to retrain as a barber. Having been my barber for nearly six years, we chatted about a possible career change and he suggested that barbering would suit me right down to the tee. I’ve been causing trouble here ever since!

Dan on Carl

Carl’s the Duracell Bunny of Monmouth Street. He’s non-stop energy from the start of his shift to the end, whilst maintaining a consistently high level of quality cuts and customer service. He’s also a demon with a straight razor! Just make sure you do your homework on Star Wars before your appointment!

Dan on Joe Pomper

Joe’s the Zen master of Monmouth Street. He brings an unparalleled calm and sense of comfort to the shop. His methodical way of working shows through in the quality of his haircuts, beard trims and shaves. Having worked as a hairdresser, I’d be envious of his talent when it comes to mid-length and longer hairstyles.

Dan on James Carroll

James is the Bristolian of Monmouth Street. His patriotism for the West Country knows no bounds and you’ll certainly have no trouble remembering where he’s from! Loud, personable and a whizz with the scissors, James is a great addition to our team.