Why Should Men Moisturise?

“We are made of star stuff," Carl Sagan stated famously in his 1980s Cosmos TV series. But whereas he was arguably ...

Beard & Moustache

What Is 'Clean Label'?

Our new range is formulated without ingredients that gamble on a man’s wellbeing.

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Get Valentine's Date Night Right

No matter how big or small your Valentine’s plans may be this year, the effort is in the detail and we want to hel...

Beard & Moustache

The Five Rules For Growing A Beard

Murdock's expert barbers know beards. For any wanna-beards out there, these are the rules to follow.

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How To Style: Barber Hacks

There's no doubt that strong grooming upkeep is good for the body and the soul. Going beyond the instructions listed ...

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Make Your Beard Grow Faster

Having already debunked some of the most common myths surrounding facial hair, we thought it wise to further explore ...

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Top Beard Myths - Debunked

Ahh beards: A subject the expert Murdock barbers know all-too much about what with being at the forefront of their...

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Have We Reached 'Peak Beard'?

Have we reached 'peak beard'? Sharp and handsome is surely what matters. Back in 2014, a study from the Univer...

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How To Use An Alum Bar

The non-bearded amongst us all aim to conquer the perfect wet shave at home. Our luxurious, barber-created shaving ...

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Manscaping Advice For Men

However you might feel about it, the term 'manscaping' exists. Defined as "the continued upkeep of exceptional hyg...

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The Summer Beard Dilemma

Salted or sweet? Neat or on the rocks? With or without an overpriced dollop of guacamole? - Not many everyday dile...


The Benefits Of Synthetic Shaving

Recently introduced to the Murdock London shaving collection, we have developed our synthetic shaving brushes to p...
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