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Beard & Moustache

Have We Reached 'Peak Beard'?

Have we reached 'peak beard'? Sharp and handsome is surely what matters. Back in 2014, a study from the Univer...

Beard & Moustache

Beard Moisturiser vs Beard Oil

Bearded gentlemen will know that with growing facial hair comes the responsibility of maintaining it. Aside from s...


Improve Your Flower-Buying Game

If you have followed our barbers' Valentine's grooming guidance, then you should be looking and feeling the part a...


Shops For A Home Cooked Valentine's

A well-executed home cooked dinner is one of the most impressive things that a man can achieve. If you're really ...


City Books For New Year's Reading

Cities are full of the passion, poverty and people that drive writers to write. And they're the ones who can best ...


Jason Atherton Cooks Christmas

Having tested and perfected his talents working under some of the greatest names in food such as Pierre Koffmann, ...


The Ultimate Christmas Playlist

Christmas parties can be cheesy, pre-conditioned affairs when it comes to the music. Stick on Now That's What I Ca...


The Hine Christmas Cocktail

We held a little Christmas shindig in Murdock Soho for some neighbours recently and like all good festive parties ...

Beard & Moustache

Reasons To Grow A Beard In Winter

As a bearded man, there's always going to be the odd occasion when you come to appreciate having grown that glorio...


Michael Sager-Wilde's Glühwein

After a few hours spent gliding down ski slopes in true, dashing MurdockMan style, or rather after reaching a moun...

Beard & Moustache

How To Use An Alum Bar

The non-bearded amongst us all aim to conquer the perfect wet shave at home. Our luxurious, barber-created shaving ...

Beard & Moustache

The Benefits Of Beard Shampoo

Why We Made It Dissatisfied by the lack of options to sufficiently compliment our Beard Moisturiser, we chose...
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