Mental Health & The Barbershop

Did you know every Murdock Barber is mental health first aid trained? Whether it's depression, anxiety, OCD, psychosi...


Ingrown Hair Treatment

Ingrown hair, hair ingrowth, razor bumps ... whatever you choose to call them, they're a real annoyance. But how do y...

Beard & Moustache

The Buzz Cut

The Buzz Cut can be a topic of real internal contention. Will a buzzcut work for me? Will it accentuate my receding h...


Looking for a new Razor? Introducing the Generation Razor.

A clean shave shouldn't be a roll of the dice. As a barbershop first, it's our mission to provide you the closest, mo...


Beard Styles

Welcome to our Beard style journal. Wherever you look at men's fashion you'll see men rocking beards of all styles: g...


Trending Hairstyles for 2024

2024 has arrived and along with it comes a new wave of men's hairstyles & this year we've honed in on a couple of...


Murdock London Christmas Gift Guide 2023

Stuck on a secret Santa gift? Unsure about what to put on your Christmas Wishlist? Our Christmas gift guide for 2023 ...


The Moustache

It comes, it goes, but it never truly leaves. The moustache's place in men's style has always been a provocative subj...


The Taper Fade

The taper fade, a style that's popularity is on as sharp a rise as we've seen in a long while here at Murdock London....


The Modern Mullet

The modern mullet has become something of a phenomenon of late, and as far as we can tell its popularity is only cont...


Find the best products for your style.

FIND YOUR WAY Finding the correct styling product for your hairstyle can be a long and daunting road so we've taken t...


The Definitive Guide to Sea Salt Styling Products

Sea Salt has long been a mainstay in our men's grooming regime but while it has been whole heartedly accepted by the ...
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