Ever since I was young I've adored doing people’s hair, whether it’s styling it, cutting it, colouring it, washing it, I just love hair!! Keeping up to date with current hair trends and coming up with the right cut for my client is something I put lots of time and effort into. Getting that right is key to keeping my regular clients, and keeping regular clients is what makes my job so great - basically hanging out and chatting with friends while making their hair the best it can be.

Originally from Cambridge, I moved to East London to study. I was blown away by how much fun and creativity there is here in Shoreditch. I haven't moved away from East London and I'm still here and still loving my Shoreditch life.

Obsessed with the ever-changing restaurant and cocktail scene in London, these days I'm into the calmer side of life that London can offer. I feel like I've finally found a healthy balance of work, yoga, cocktails and amazing restaurants. If I'm not cutting hair or doing yoga you can find me sipping delicious cocktails, eating delicious food or talking about any of the above.

Fun Facts

You will find me working between two different Murdock barbershops - Shoreditch and Soho.

I own the biggest patterned shirt collection in London

I love traveling around the world (in fact I probably travel as much as I work)

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